Blessed are you, God our Father
for the manifestations of your mercy
in our lives and in the life of our religious family.

During this time of preparation for our Chapter
rekindle our desire to respond
to the call of holiness received in Baptism
by rooting us ever more deeply
in the spirit of interiority and zeal
inherited from Marie Rivier.

Gathered by Jesus Christ,
fashioned by His Word,
help us to move forward in hope!

Keep us open to the creativity of the Spirit
so that sustained by his strength,
we might have the audacity to respond
to the challenges of evangelization today. 

Our Lady of Compassion,
help us to open our hearts more fully
to the sufferings and the hopes of our world.

Renew in us the joy of the Gospel
so that we might be credible witnesses,
especially for youth, of the Good News of salvation

Like Marie Rivier, we count on you, Mary
to help us realize together, as Church,
the loving project of God for our Congregation.