Very dear sisters, dear friends in Jesus Christ !


I wish to express my gratitude to all of you,
for having accompanied us
during the course of our General Chapter.

We have now completed it.
I am now at the house in Castel, and I can no longer remain silent. 
I am very grateful for the numerous messages I have received
on the occasion of my election as Superior General.

I cannot put into words all that is going on in my heart and in my spirit. 
I would like to reach out to each one of you in order to greet you and to THANK YOU.
My heart is filled with gratitude
for the assurance of your prayers, for your friendship,
for your encouraging words,
for your presence, since I feel you close to me.

I would want to answer all the messages received:
by letter, by email, by phone, through social networks.
Yes, to all of you, sisters, associates, lay consecrated persons,
former students, my family and friends from everywhere. 
I forget no one.

Thank you to Patricia for the beautiful presentation of our Site.
Thanks to her and our sisters at the Chapter, we were able to follow
the proceedings of the Chapter day after day.
This allowed us to remain united,
whether we were far or near.

Marie Rivier accompanied us
on this pathway of hope, of openness and of newness.
She is truly present and alive in our religious family.

May the Virgin Mary, our Mother and guardian,
who precedes us on our journey,
continue to guide us towards the future that God wants for us.

Gathered by Jesus Christ,
fashioned by his Word,
let us move forward in Hope !

With all my affection and gratitude

Sister Maria dos Anjos Alves, p.m.